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Welcome To NISCORT

NISCORT is a professional Media College for Journalism and Mass Communication Studies..

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Director's Message

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In a hand book for aspiring journalists published in 1894 Edwin L Shuman shared what he called one of the most valuable secrets of this profession at its present stage of development....

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  • RJ Naved Khan
    (Radio Jockey in the famous FM channel Radio Mirchi 98.3)

    I enjoyed a lot at Niscort Media College. I have gone to so many Media colleges, Niscort is different. The interaction with the students was different as compared to all other...

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  • Aakash Singh
    (Camera man cum Editor, CBN )

    NISCORT has been a completely enriching experience. I have acquired lot of confidence through various platforms provided by the College such as Tarang, Industrial training etc...

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  • Alex John
    (STUDENT )

    I attended the course on Graphic Designing ,from 30 April - 5 May 2018 at NISCORT. The overall experience was enriching, learned software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign...

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  • Dr. Albert Abraham
    (Assistant Professor Delhi School of Journalism - University of Delhi)

    As a proud alumnus, I always cherish the days at NISCORT. I am highly indebted to this institute not only for the knowledge and skills that I acquired from the class rooms and...

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  • Mr. Sharad Sharma
    (Illustrator and Cartoonist)

    I am happy to be here and it is good to see the energy and the atmosphere of this institute because the students are eager to learn and happy to have had me here. I am looking...

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  • Niharika Singh

    I had an amazing experience with the workshop arranged for Graphic Designing and Videography. Learnt new software from the leading Adobe Creative Suite like Photoshop, Illustrator,...

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