Diploma in Pastoral Communication

Courses Duration: 10 Months
Semester –I (1 August – 21 December, 2018 )
Semester – II (16 January – 31 May, 2019 )

Need for Communication Studies in Pastoral Context

NISCORT offers various Pastoral Communication courses. NISCORT also continues to research into the scope of social communication in the pastoral context.

What is Pastoral Communication ?

By pastoral communication we envisage all those knowledge and skills that can be applied into our Catholic pastoral contexts. This is in view of forming pastors and religious leaders to proclaim the good news effectively and celebrate the Sacred Mysteries meaningfully. The objective of pastoral courses is to improve their communication skills. However, there can be different approaches to pastoral communication. One such approach is to study the reception side of the media through the lens of Catholic doctrinal perspectives on social communication.

NISCORT envisages and integrates both the type of approaches. We offer various Diploma and Certificate programmes in Applied Pastoral Communications.

Course Objectives

Diploma in Pastoral communication is designed to meet the following:

  • To familiarize the students with catholic perspectives of social communications
  • To develop working skills needed for traditional media, print, electronic media and new media
  • To gather skills to face media and approach them with a catholic perspective
  • To develop in students an understanding of the Mass Communication process, its impact on human and social factors and the socio cultural environment within which it operates
  • To equip students to be efficient missionaries and pastoral workers with the aid of the media

Course Content

  • Introduction to Communication, Church Documents, Basic Media Skills
  • Writing for Media and Journalism Skills, Public Speaking
  • Photography and Graphic Designing
  • Video Production and Film Studies
  • Audio Media and Christian Broadcasting
  • Tribal and Folk Media
  • Public Relations and Event Management
  • Liturgical Art, Aesthetics, Design, Ceremonies
  • New Media and Ethics
  • Sacred Music
  • Internship/Project/Academic Paper