Established and managed by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI), through the CBCI Society for Social Communications, Research, and Training, NISCORT has been a pioneering force since its inception. Formed in September 1944, CBCI serves as a permanent association of all bishops in India, ensuring a unified approach to addressing various social, educational, and spiritual aspects.

The General Body of the CBCI Society for Social Communications, Research, and Training is presided over by the President of CBCI. It consists of the CBCI Standing Committee and the Governing Board. The Governing Board, composed of elected members of the General Body and executives of the institute, meticulously formulates and executes initiatives to uphold NISCORT's mission and vision.

    Archbishop of Trichur


    Bishop of Bellary


  • Most Rev. Patrick P. D’Souza
    First Chairman

  • “Asia is experiencing a boom in communications technology and it is not a threat to human cultures. It is a great gift from God to be used to spread the Good News”.
  • “Youths can play a great role in communications and they should. They can easily learn and adopt new technologies. I wish to see the Church in Asia become more communicative and keep all its channels open. It should make maximum use of the new technologies to strengthen social communications and bring the churches closer.”
  • Most Rev. Patrick P. D’Souza, late Bishop of Varanasi, was the first Chairman of NISCORT and he guided this institute for a period of six years from 1996 to 2002. The Catholic Church in India will always remember Bishop Patrick D’Souza, for the key role he played in making NISCORT a reality.